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My web page, "Nature Photography by Phyris", is a result of having developed a passion for nature photography in the last few years. I love traveling in this beautiful country of ours and have discovered that when I photograph it, I pay greater attention and see details that are often overlooked. Not only do I end up with photos that make these trips stay alive for me and allow me to share them with friends, I actually experience the areas I visit at a more intimate level than if I were just walking through them.

While I have found great beauty many places, the parks of the Southwest (Arizona and Utah in particular) have claimed my heart. This is one of nature's wonderlands. The amazing colors and shapes just beg to be captured on film. One of the most amazing places is Antelope Canyon, shown in the photos above. Springtime in the Southwest comes with an abundance of wildflowers which beautifully compliment the reds and oranges of the rock.

I'd like to share some of my favorite photos with you, both for your enjoyment and to try to tempt you to visit some of these wonderful places. My hope is that if the beauty of these places touches you, you will help to protect them from destruction so future generations can also enjoy them.

I've included some information about the areas in which I'm photographing to help make your visit more enjoyable, should you chose to go. I do not claim to be an expert on wildlife and wildflowers but have given the names if I know them. Any help you can give on unnamed plants or animals would be appreciated. My e-mail address is at the bottom of this page.

I hope to update this site regularly. My plan is to have a separate photo page for each park to give you a better sense of what you can see in each place. Additionally, I will be describing various trails within the parks. I have found that the descriptions given by Park Services give basic information like distance and difficulty but don't give you a sense of what you will see from each trail. It is often hard to make a choice, especially if you have limited time in which to explore.

There are many great travel and photo links on the net. I have included some that I enjoy and find helpful.

Sample photos of Five Lakes coming soon.

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