Thank you for your interest in my photographic prints. The photographic material I use is Duraflex. It is a glossy RC color print emulsion coated on a 9 mil thick polyestar base. It is similar to Ilfochrome, which you may be more familiar with. It is more durable than normal photographic paper and provides a brilliant, glossy surface which is perfect for the slot canyon photos as well as the others. It is a more costly process but produces a superior print to C process prints.

If you are interested in these, or any other photos from my site, please send me the name of the photo and size you are interested in purchasing. The prices for the photos shown below include the print, matt, shipping and handling, with the exception of the 16x20 slot canyon print which is shipped without a matt.

Please send order to me at

Slot Canyon 8x10 -- $50 11x14 -- $75 16x20 -- $110
Antelope Canyon Light Beams 8x10 -- $40 11x14 -- $60
Antelope Canyon Shrine 8x10 -- $40 11x14 -- $60
Picture Lake 8x10 -- $40 11x14 -- $60
Spring in Kalob Canyon 8x10 -- $40 11x14 -- $60
Kolab Canyon 8x10 -- $40 11x14 -- $60
Lizard 8x10 -- $40 11x14 -- $60